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Knock Knees – Treatable Paediatric Deformity

What are Knock Knees? “Knock Knees” are a condition where the knees touch each other and ankles are wide apart. This results in an angular deformity of the entire lower limb. It can occur on one side or both sides. Most cases develop during late childhood and early adolescence. Very rarely it may be present […]


The first hour after the onset of a heart attack is called the golden hour. This concept is extremely important to understand because most deaths and cardiac arrests occur during this period. However, if the person reaches the hospital and gets treated within this period he/she can expect near-complete recovery. It is a critical time. […]

Kidney Diseases and their treatment

What are some common symptoms of Kidney Disease? Common signs of kidney disease may be decreased urine output, swelling in your legs, ankles or feet, shortness of breath, fatigue, confusion, nausea & weakness. Which tests are done to detect Kidney disease? A urine routine examination and serum creatinine on a 3 month or 6 month […]

Corneal Cystinosis

Cystinosis: The eyes are the second most commonly affected extra-renal organ, with cystine crystal deposits in the corneas. Cystine crystals can be  observed in the cornea after age 1.5-2 years and are diagnostic of cystinosis. Pigmentary retinopathy consisting of patches of depigmentation may sometime be present as an early ocular finding and can result in […]

Joint Replacement

What is the role of navigation or computer assisted surgery in joint replacement? Computer assisted joint replacement is supposed to increase the precision of the surgery but the single most important factor still remains the expertise of the surgeon and his or her experience. What is the correct age of joint replacement? Joint replacement is […]

New age Stent revolutionising Heart Treatment

Heart attack or myocardial infarction and other coronary artery disease are common among many people that too at a time when they are quite young, unlike the cases in European other Western nations. To treat this diseases a stent is implanted, which acts as “scaffold”. It is a metallic structure  that remains in the coronary […]

Combating Colorectal Cancer

Combating Colorectal Cancer is easier with screening tests at regular intervals: Doctor Colorectal cancer screening has become common and a good reason to prevent many lives from being lost. If people, who are 50 years of age or above, are screened regularly, about 60% of deaths from cancer could be avoided. Among cancer that effect […]

Indian Medical Tourism- A blend of health and holiday

Medical Tourism has become a perfect way for people to blend in the need of medical treatment and services along with a vacation. Various countries in the world are known for the different medical treatments, facilities and services. One such country that has gained the attention of medical tourists worldwide is India. A brief look […]