Radiation Therapy

AKA Radio Therapy, this form of cancer treatment involves the use of radiations to contain or kill the cancerous cells in the body. It is also helpful in preventing malignant cells from growing and helps in curative Cancer Treatments. Today, most hospitals in India are equipped with the required equipment and machines to carry out this therapy. Even MRI machines and CT machines are used during Radiation Therapy. Apart from that, even Novalis, Cyberknife, Gamma Knife and Conventional Linear Accelerator equipment’s and machines are used for radiation therapy.

Chemotherapy is a treatment that helps to kill the cancerous cells in the body using the help of Antineoplastic drugs. Chemotherapy has proved to be one of the most effective cancer treatments even though it has various side effects.

The duration of the treatment and type of Chemotherpy drug will be decided by the Oncologist based on various factors like
⦁ The age of the patient
⦁ The spread / stage of the cancer
⦁ The type of cancer
⦁ The location of the cancer/tumor

AKA Biologic therapy is a treatment which helps to boost the natural defense of the body so that it can fight the cancerous cells. It helps to restore and improve the immune system and also helps in slowing or stopping cancer cell growth. This cancer treatment is recommended for patients who have certain blood cancers and/or are at any advanced stages of lung cancer. In some cancers, Immunotherapy is considered to be a better and safer option than traditional Chemotherapy.

Target Therapy
Target Therapy is known to be one of the most successful cancer treatments. Even today, scientists and researchers are still working hard to explore better possibilities and opportunities of using Target therapy for treating cancer. This kind of cancer treatment is generally advisable for patients who are diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer. The treatment’s main objective is to use drugs to target the cancerous cells that are growing in the body.

Cancer cells have critical proteins that are needed for growing. With the help of small peptides and homing devices that contain antibody agents; a barrier is formed on these proteins to prevent the spread of cancer. Eventually, this results in the destruction of the cancerous cells. Target Therapy may also be combined with high energy ultrasound for better results and faster cure.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is generally recommended for people who are diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer. With the help of this treatment the estrogen or testosterone is removed or blocked from the body. In certain forms of cancer like progestogen, the doctor will administer hormone agonists into the patients body owing to their therapeutically benefits.

Steroid hormones are also used in hormone therapy to cure cancer. These hormones help in altering the gene expression and are known to be very powerful. In some cases, a patient may have to undergo a surgery to remove organs like the orchiectomy and oophorectomy o0r any other endocrine organs


Stem Cell Transplant

When a patient is undergoing treatment for any form of cancer, it is very important that the stem cells are restored into the body. Stem Cell transplant is a special treatment that is used for cancer patient which helps in increasing the red and white blood cells in the body. This treatment also helps in increasing the platelet count and boosting the immune system.

Stem Cell Transplant is important for cancer patients as it helps Stem Cells in blood production. This is why when a patient is undergoing any high dose treatment, the stem cell is extracted and stored before the treatment. Once the treatment is over, it is then put back into the body. In some cases, a donor’s stem cell may be used for faster results. The duration of the treatment will be decided by the doctor depending on the patient’s present medical condition.

Precision Medicine

In order to start precision medicine, a genetic evaluation is essential. Precision Medicine is known to be a personalized treatment based on the genetic history of the patient. The course and duration of this form of treatment is decided by the doctor after getting all the necessary tests done.

This form of cancer treatment is really helpful to patients as it is based on the individual’s body and the body’s reaction towards any drug or therapy. It also helps in preventing any other type of cancer from developing because of the changes that the body undergoes at the time of treatment. The dosage of the medicines is customized to the body capacity of adapting to the drugs.