New age Stent revolutionising Heart Treatment

Heart attack or myocardial infarction and other coronary artery disease are common among many people that too at a time when they are quite young, unlike the cases in European other Western nations. To treat this diseases a stent is implanted, which acts as “scaffold”. It is a metallic structure  that remains in the coronary bed till the rest of their lives.

Angioplasty with stent placement

Since it stays permanently, the stent can create problems like thrombosis and restenosis. The reintervention in the stented segment is difficult because of the metallic milieu. If stents are placed in the distal bed, there a surgeon puts a graft, it is difficult to suture those grafts. Now, we can resort to bioresorbable vascular scaffold (BRS), which is a unique, “vanishing stent” or a “dissolving stent”. There is no need for a permanent metallic scaffold inside the coronary artery. Now the coronary arteries get their vasomotion back after a certain period of time, when these scaffolds are dissolved by its own natural process inside the human body thus leaving the artery back to its normal state. The innovation concept was brought forth by research and development. Previously a similar device which had limitation to design. The current available scaffold is the worlds first thinnest scaffold with a unique user-friendly design. It is easy to deliver and deploy like regular stents. It’s safety and efficacy are proven in small clinical trials and more studies are planned ahead. This novel strut, BRS, is an innovative solution and it is helping lot of patients to lead a better and healthy life.


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