Cancer Immunotherapy

What is Immunotherapy?

It is the type of treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to recognize, attack & kill cancer cells. Few breakthroughs in battling cancer have generated more excitement recently than immunotherapy. Some patients can achieve long-term remission and possibly a cure when their cancer might have otherwise been deadly.

What are its advantages?

Many conventional cancer treatments like Chemotherapy, eventually stops working because cancer cells develop a resistance to them. But when patients have a good response to immunotherapy, it can sometimes last for years in cancers that were once untreatable. Two examples are advanced melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer.

Is Immunotherapy a cure for all cancers?

Immunotherapy is used to treat different cancers, typically those that have metastasized like melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, head & neck cancers. Many patients are helped by these drugs.

What are its possible side effects?

Immunotherapy activates the immune system to fight cancer and sometimes causes the immune cells to attack normal cells and organs by mistake. This can trigger side effects like rashes, diarrhoea, fatigue and hormonal disorder. Immunotherapy is often better tolerated by patients than conventional chemotherapy. Many patients are benefited, though do not necessarily get cured always.

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