Is Hernia A Cause For Worry?

What is a Hernia?

It is a condition where a defect or weakness in the abdominal wall causes an internal organ to push through the muscle or tissue that forms the wall. The resulting bulge can come and go and may or may not be painful. It can be a defect from birth or can develop over a period of time due to certain external factors.

What are its causes?

The causes can be a defect from birth, age, poor nutrition, constipation, straining during urination, constant coughing or sneezing, abdominal injury or surgery, improper lifting of heavy weight, being obese, peritoneal dialysis, etc.

Is it a serious condition?

Initially, it may not be serious, however, can become so if it gets stuck in the hole and cannot go back. This can be painful, lead to obstruction to the passage of intestine and in severe cases get cut off from the blood supply causing tissue death. Hernias tend to worsen over time.

What are the treatment options?

Over time, all hernias get bigger never smaller. It is always safe to repair hernias on an elective basis. The type of surgery chosen is determined by the severity and type of hernia one has and other ailments and requirements – these could be Hernia Repair with Robotic Surgery (with the fourth-generation Da Vinci Robot), Laparoscopic Hernia Repair or Open Hernia Repair Treatment.


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